How to connect unlimited Pendrive / USB on your Pc/Laptop, until you have only 6 USB port on your Pc?

Nowadays technology goes very fast and it gives many tech gadgets. Science says “Everything is possible “, and every year not only years every day we get innovative ideas and invent some new devices. When the problem arrives then we think why this is not possible and suddenly we get some innovative ideas. So in this article, we are talking about a new device. we all are using pc/laptop and suppose I want to connect multiple pen drive on my pc its possible we connect at least 6 pen drive on USB port but you think if we connect 10 or more than 10 pen drive then what to do?

Then one day a man think about this and he invented an “Infinite USB” and he succeeded. His name is Gonglue Jiang.
So what is “Infinite USB”?
Infinite USB is a USB, it can connect only one USB port but you can connect infinite USB from the USB which is connected. The pictures of infinite USB is given below:


  • Use one USB port but connect many USB.
  • It supported both Ios and Android.
  • It was very reliable and easy to use.
You can also buy the infinite USB from Amazon.
I hope you will enjoy it.
If you have got any queries then feel free to ask on the comment section.
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