How to increase Website Seo score?

Seo means “Search Engine Optimization “
Seo is very important for a website because it can increase your SEO Score as well as Traffic level.

“What is the Traffic level? “

Traffic level means How your website is shown in google ranking and how much visitors visit your website. If you share your website in social media then your traffic level is increased. So its the advantage of increasing your SEO Score. But most of the blogger then don’t know about the term “Meta Description “
The “Meta Description” is very essential for Blogger or who have an owner of the website because meta description means a short description of your website which is stored in the google search engine.

How meta description work I will explain to you.

Supposed a person want to search some specific thing like ” Innovative ideas topic “. And suppose your website consists of innovative technology ideas and you have given the short description about innovative ideas on your website which is available on your meta description then automatically google gives the website to the visitors who want to see the post and the visitors find your website.

Note: Meta Description is also one of the factor to increase SEO Score.

So I will tell you How to generate meta description and how to place the code on your WordPress?

Step 1: Search on Google ” Seoptimer metatag” and open it.

Step 2: Fill the columns “Site title”, “ Site description”, “Site keywords”.

Step 3: Give the “Authors” name as you want and “Generate meta tags”.

Step 4: After generating the “Code”, select “copy to clipboard”.

Step 5: Login your WordPress, and go to “Appearance” –>“Editor”.

Step 6: After click “Editor” –>Select “Theme Header”.

Step 7: Paste the HTML code that you copy.

Step 8: Update file.

Then check the Seo score of your website on neilseo or in seoptimer.
I hope you will understand everything that I had told you before if you has got any queries to comment below.

Thank you.

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