How to use Android apps on Windows

So with the advancement of technology, today we are living in the era of “applications” AKA “apps”.
Almost anything technical can be done today by the use of apps. Android is the most reliable as well as the most popular operating system which is the best platform to run these apps. From creating a PDF file to changing the navigation keys, we all use apps. Now there are certain apps which find their necessity not only on smartphones but also on PCs and laptops. Now most of the PCs and laptops use Windows operating system. In order to run the applications of Android on Windows, a software called BlueStacks was developed.
In this documentary, we will talk about BlueStacks and how to download and use it.
BlueStacks is available for every version of Windows.

Steps from the Internet to download and install BlueStacks:

Step 1: Type “free download BlueStacks” for the respective version of Windows you are using.

Step 2: Search on google type ” Filehippo Bluestack” and visit it on this website.

Step 3: Click on the “download”.

Step 4: After the downloading has completed, click on “install”.
(This process might take a few minutes.)

Step 5: Double click on the BlueStacks icon on your desktop and you are done!
Now you can use any Android app on your PCs or laptops.

Initially, the BlueStacks software was developed primarily for gaming, i.e. the amazing games which we play on our smartphones, we would be able to play them on our laptops and PCs as well. But the more updated versions of this very software allows us to use the other important applications as well.

With regular updation, today BlueStacks is a must need package for each and everyone of us. Today there are still so many people who are not comfortable with smartphones, so this is a must use software for them, so that they can enjoy the privileges of Android in Windows. Even if we are using Android, still there are a variety of things for which computers are the best. So I will conclude by saying that BlueStacks is one the greatest softwares developed till date.
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