What If Cameras Could Be Used For Instantly Sharing Photos and Videos???

In this article, we are going to talk about how we could use a digital camera or SLR  and DSLR cameras to instantly share the photos and videos that we capture.
But before that, the bigger question is…is that even possible?
Well…let’s find out!
With the advancement of technology, today we are living in a world where with the help of technology, we can say that nothing is impossible, well obviously to some extent. Now the thing is, we love to “share”, though not everything in life, but definitely our pictures and videos on the social media. Every time we take a photo, we think about uploading it on the social media, be it Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. With the introduction of smartphones, it has become really easy for us to instantly share those pictures. It happens sometimes that we want superior quality pictures for better clarity. For that, we often want our pictures to be captured by a digital or a better camera. This happens for most of our display pictures and cover pictures.
But there is a problem. When the photos are taken on the cameras instead of phones, we ha ve to get them somehow into our smartphones.
 For that, we need a third device like a computer or laptop. But that process is not only hectic but also time consuming.
This is exactly where this very idea comes into play. Couldn’t it be better if there was something installed in the camera through which we could instantly share the photos?

 Well the most basic medium of sharing is the Bluetooth. It might be slow sometimes, still it is user friendly. For that, we need to have the idea about how a Bluetooth works. Well the thing is simple. It works on the principle of using radio waves. If the camera can have a provision for using the radio waves, then a Bluetooth might be installed in the camera. This is not the end yet. Even if the Bluetooth is installed inside the camera, there might be some other kind of problems like the sensors and all. The Bluetooth might not be compatible with the sensor of the camera if it has any, like the automatic smile detect or sound detection and all.
But as all we know unless we experiment, we won’t be able to find out what we can invent!
So this article was about this idea of installing a sharing medium inside a camera.
Hope you guys enjoyed it!!
Thank You!
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