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A flood alludes to the inordinate gathering of water in a water body or ashore that is generally dry. Floods are caused because of different reasons. Water bodies like lakes, waterways and Oceans get overflowed when inordinate precipitation expands the water level of the water body. This causes a flooding of the water past the banks of the water body. The land past the water body likewise gets overflowed by the overabundance water. Land likewise gets overwhelmed by substantial downpours. Floods additionally happen when dams are worked crosswise over waterways banks. Floods cause annihilation, and furthermore the loss of human lives.

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Floods are caused in water bodies and furthermore ashore. When there are overwhelming or proceeding with downpours water bodies get more water than they can hold. The water level at that point ascends in the water body, and floods its banks. Such a flooding of water bodies likewise causes the flooding of land past the water body.

Land may itself additionally get overwhelmed if there is substantial precipitation. Persistent downpour on a generally dry land can immerse the land. Floods likewise get caused in urban communities where the seepage framework is poor. When there are overwhelming downpours such urban communities get overflowed.

Section on Flood 2 (150 Words) 

Floods happen when water bodies get over the top water because of proceeded with heavy rains. Typically dry terrains may likewise get overwhelmed when water floods the banks of water bodies, or when there is substantial and consistent precipitation. Floods additionally happen in current urban areas and towns where there is a high thickness of human populace, and expanded urban advancement by method for lodging and other development.

In such territories trees are additionally felled for development movement. Poor waste frameworks in current urban communities additionally lead to flooding when there are consistent or substantial downpours. Felling of trees prompts expanded soil disintegration, and silting of water bodies that likewise prompts flooding during overwhelming downpours. Floods cause misfortune to life and property. People , creatures and feathered creatures are probably going to die in a flood. Zones in beach front areas and close to the banks of water bodies are at a higher hazard during floods.

Section on Flood 3 (200 Words) 

Floods happen in water bodies and furthermore on generally dry land when there is an over the top amassing of water. At the point when water bodies get overabundance water that streams past their banks there is a flooding of the water body, and of the land which it accordingly immersed.

Different exercises of men have caused biological decimation that has additionally been liable for the event of floods. For instance, when trees are cut and woodlands are cleared there is expanded soil disintegration. This is on the grounds that dirt ties the dirt, and the cutting of trees brings about the top soil getting washed away in downpours. Soil disintegration prompts silting of waterways and lakes. When there are substantial downpours these water bodies get overwhelmed.

Floods are additionally caused in cutting edge urban zones set apart by expanded utilization of land for structures. These solid wildernesses are typically made conceivable by felling trees to make space accessible for the urban advancement. Also, with a high thickness of populace, the channels in these urban areas get obstructed because of huge amounts of household trash including plastic that is non-biodegradable. Along these lines, when there are substantial and constant rains there is poor waste of the downpour water that prompts flooding.

Passage on Flood 4 (250 Words) 

Floods are caused in water bodies as likewise ashore. At the point when downpours are substantial or keep going for a long time water bodies may get more water than they can hold. Water at that point floods the water body, and furthermore floods its banks. The flooding of the water body at that point causes the land past the water body, which is generally dry, to get overflowed.

Floods are, obviously, a characteristic wonder. Yet, man-made components are additionally liable for the frequency of floods. For instance, when trees are felled, and timberlands are cleared unpredictably there is biological harm. As trees help in holding the dirt, when they are removed the top soil turns out to be free and escapes when there are downpours. This prompts silting of water bodies like lakes and streams, and along these lines to flooding. The towns and urban areas in the region of the water bodies, that are generally dry, likewise experience floods
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